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Kyle Montgomerie

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Kyle Montgomerie
Service Engineer
Area Covered: 
Best Thing About Job: 
Explaining to our customers about fire safety and fire prevention, engaging conversations and answering technical questions about the fire industry. I also enjoy working alongside a great team of hard working and knowledgeable engineers.
Worst Thing About Job: 
Having to explain I'm a Kiwi not an Aussie occasionally to customers. Not exactly a bad thing as it's a great conversation starter especially if it leads to rugby or cricket ... in other words there's nothing bad about the job.
Funny Story / Interesting Fact: 
Had a lengthy conversation with a customer about New Zealand and I asked him if he knows anything about the country and his reply was "I know the All Blacks do a funny dance (Haka) and there's lots of sheep". He was pretty bang on.
Spending quality time with my family, also enjoy playing rugby and socialising. My partner and I have been renovating our home which we hope to be finished this year. We are also looking to travel to New Zealand for a long overdue holiday. I'm also a proud father to my daughter Charlotte and my dog Marlo.
Qualifications and Skills:
Fire Extinguisher Servicing

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