Fire Extinguisher Servicing


What does Fire Extinguisher Supply & Maintenance entail?


Fire extinguisher maintenance occurs on at least an annual basis:

  • It involves comprehensive checks for damage, corrosion and partial or complete discharge.
  • Reference made at all times to the manufacturers' specific instructions and recommendations on servicing and recharging.
  • Once the service is complete, the fire extinguisher is labelled and tagged to specify performed service (i.e. inspection, test, refill or recharge).


Why does my business need Fire Extinguisher Servicing?


  • The Fire Scotland Act 2005 firmly places responsibility for Extinguisher servicing with the owner/employer with in all commercial premises.
  • All fire extinguishers fitted in commercial, public and residential buildings require regular tests and inspections.
  • In order to remain safe, British Standard Code of Practice BS5306-3:2009 recommends that your fire extinguishers are serviced at least once a year by qualified technicians.
  • Graham Fire Protection can provide these services, essential for keeping your workplace safe at a cost effective price.


Once we carry out a free survey and we know the site specific requirements we will then install the correct equipment for you. The extinguishers will be commissioned/serviced and a Compliant Certificate will be sent to you. All records will be kept and we will contact you when the next annual service is due.

Customer Service Guarantee


Our Customer Service is second to none. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. We are honest, reliable and professional and if you are not satisfied then we will re-visit you to resolve the issue until you are 100% satisfied.

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